Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Tree

Grandma sent some Christmas $. I used it to get a tree, and do dry cleaning:)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sick In Bed

This past week has been an interesting one.  I spent most of it sick in bed.  I got a stomach virus at the beginning of the week and couldn't keep anything down, so I ended up getting really dehydrated and needing to go to the ER to get rehydrated.   After that whole ordeal I was really wiped out so I needed to rest for the rest of the week just to get back up to where I could go out and do something, but I’m back up and running now so I should be good.  In other news, we got information on transfers.   I will be staying and finishing Elder Owens’ training in Peachtree City serving as district leader.  The work is moving forward.  We are teaching this wonderful family.  They are progressing and will be getting dunked soon:) 


Well love you all,

Till next time 

Elder Gebauer    

Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Families in Peachtree City, GA

Just wanted you to know that we love your sweet son! He is always so happy and polite! We have them over several times a week for dinner. They know they can stop by any time for food and the  feeling of a family life... They know our pantry & fridge is always open :) Thank you for sharing your son!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alive In Georgia

Well,  its been a long time since I have written an update, mainly because I didn't think there was much to update on.

It's getting cold in Georgia, like really cold, especially in the mornings and night on the bikes.  I am so happy to be here in Georgia during this fall and seeing all the trees change color. I am serving in the Peachtree City ward and it is perfect.  It's full of great families and people that love to feed the missionary's:)  It's funny, you know how the missionaries always ask "is there anything we can do for you?" and everyone is like "No, I think we are good."  Well not in Georgia.  In the fall you ask that question and they shove a rake in your hand and you are raking leaves for the next hour:)  The work is going good and my companions are great.  We are teaching about 6 different people at the moment, some progressing better that others, but I think I'll get a chance to dunk them all:)  Wow!  Can you believe I have been out for 8 months already.  I guess time flies when your having fun!  

My companions are doing great.  I'm training a new missionary, Elder Owens, this transfer but I'm also with another companion, Elder Ericson, so yeah, there is 3 of us.  Imagine that knocking at your door:)  Sadly, Elder Ericson goes home next week and boy he won't let us forget it!  It will be sad to see him go but I think I'm ready for more room in the apartment.

Other that that, I'm in good health and am staying warm.  I'll send some pictures next week!

Just started the Book of Alma if anyone wants to read along with me:)
Till next week, 
Elder Gebauer

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Long Awaited Updates

Oct 27 2014


Doing good.  I’m in Peach Tree City, an area I already covered in the YSA ward.

I’m training a new missionary named, Elder Owens and he's great and I have another companion named Elder Ericson.  He will be leaving in 3 weeks so I will have to take over soon.   


The entire area will be all up to me and my new missionary as well as district leader responsibilities for about two weeks. 


Hey I met someone who went to our church building in Minnesota.  She knows the Morley's and the Nightingale's.  


I forgot my camera today but I will have lots of pictures to send next week 


They had a trunk or treat but we had an appointment so we didn't get to go.


Appointments are great!


It’s cold in the morning! and everything is turning orange.  It’s so great to have Fall again. 


I’m in one ward and church was great.  It is nice to be in a family ward.  It feels more like home.


Tell Cadence she can’t carve a pumpkin without me. She will just have to have a blank pumpkin.


Ok well, I got to go.  I’ll send pictures next week. 


Can you tell dad I’m going to get protein powder, that's the only thing I will use my card on this week.  I’m putting my card away and not even carrying it with me.


Love you guys soooooooo much 

Have a fun and safe Halloween 

Can’t wait to see pictures!


1000 Stevens Entry Apt# N217

Peachtree City GA 30269 


Oct 20 2014

Doing good, played soccer and base ball this morning. I have had a cold for the last 2 days it put me out on Saturday.

Does our insurance cover a flue shot?

Oh, so you know the walking dead?
its filmed in my area. I went to the set the other day:)

I’m no longer going to be in YSA. They haven't told us where we are going but I will be in a companionship with 3 elders and I will be training a new missionary. Oh, and I’ll be on a bike.


This last week I went on a week long exchange with the zone leaders so I haven't been in YSA for the last week.  It was weird, I wish I was able to be in my ward for my last Sunday though. 


How is grandpa?   


I think that it’s going to be fun to introduce a new missionary to mission life. 


My lion bite is healing well:)


Ok, well I got to go 

I love you 

Till next week:)


Monday, September 29, 2014

Struggles in Atlanta

Struggles in Atlanta

Randall has hit an all-time low. Wanting to be back in Africa, questioning why he is in Atlanta, just really down. We knew it was coming but still hard to hear from someone who is usually so fun. If you have time write him and send some words of encouragement, he would love to hear from a friend about now.

Current Address:

100 Knight Way apt# 210, Fayetteville, Georgia 30214 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Part 3

Part Three
From there, things got crazy again.  Plans to get us on a plane came and then fell through. I think I packed like 5 times. We soon discovered that the hotel had a cafeteria where they had the closest thing we had seen to a hamburger and fries, so naturally every elder went down all at once and ordered one or two....... or three:)  Over all we stayed in the Lungi Airport hotel for three days and on the dawn of the third day when the first light was in the sky we looked to the east (only Cadence will understand that last sentence;).  On the third day we actually all checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport. Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by two very nice and big guards who then checked us for weapons I think, and then doused our hands in chlorine. We then were allowed to proceed to the actual airport. Now the airport looked more like a biological weapons war zone than an airport. It was covered with plastic and there were people walking around in hazmat suits. We took our bags and made our way to the front door and were greeted by a mountain of paperwork and multiple temperature checks. After informing them about every little aspect about my last five months, we were allowed to enter the building. Upon entrance we found more paperwork and more temperature checks. We were all admitted to pass through.  They then took our bags and put them on the plane. We however went to go wait for the plane to be prepared for us. When the plane was almost prepared the crew members came out to the waiting area and kinda gave us the info on how this was going to go down. They told us they were from International SOS and that before we were permitted to board we would be going through a health check where they once again asked us a bunch of questions and checked our temperature. We were all given the green light and we boarded the plane. When we were on the plane we were served the best tasting airplane food ever! 

The ride to Portugal took us over the Sahara Desert, something I thought I would never see in my life. We landed in Portugal at night and they took us to a separate terminal from the rest of the airport. After customs we were greeted by the missionaries for Portugal and by a senior couple who took us all back to a room and gave us some water and crackers then they told us that there have been some changes in our assignments.  We were all shocked.  It was then that I knew that I was not going back to West Africa anytime soon.  They gave us all our assignments, we were being sent all over the United States, and me, I was assigned to Atlanta.  They told us we would be leaving tomorrow morning and that we would be spending the night in a hotel, so we went to the hotel and spent the night in Portugal, another thing I thought I would never do.

This is where I'm going to end the adventure today.

Elder Gebauer

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 2

We pulled up and saw a surprising sight, all 180 elders and sisters all in one place. The first thing I noticed was the AP’s. They were tired, looked like they hadn’t more than a few hours of sleep in the last 3 days. Elder Stanford was wearing basketball shorts, white shirt, flip flops and looked like a mountain man who was dressed by a three year old. I mentioned to him that he looked tired. He simply smiled like he always did and replied “Elder Gebauer, you don’t know the half of it”. He then told me to take my district and to go weigh our bags because we were only allowed to bring 44lb in a big bag and 20lb in a smaller one and that was it, nothing more. So I put my bag on the scale and it came in at 55lb. I had to drop 11lb. So we got to work just like everyone else taking everything out of our bags and sorting through it to see what we could leave behind (remember at this point we still thought that we would be going to Ghana another third world country so deodorant and things were still worth more than gold). You should have seen the mission home, just abandoned stuff everywhere, mountains or shirts, piles of ties, towering stacks of mission reference books and PMG’s. I still don’t know what happened to everything but I would hope that it went to membership and people that need it.

From there things started to get crazy.  Plans would be made for us to leave and then they would change and we would be staying for days and then they would change again. This went on and on for a matter of hours. There came a point were we just didn’t even listen anymore. We were all just too tired, depressed and sick of plans. We were finally organized into a large mass so president could address us, he had a plan. All American elders were to go to a hotel next to the airport and would be flying out the next day. African sisters and elders were not able to leave the country at this point because of passport restrictions. All the elders and sisters said their heartfelt goodbyes and that was the first time I saw an African elder cry. Such a sight nearly brought me to tears but being so incredibly manly I withheld this overwhelming urge to sweat from my eyeballs. All the American elders collected their things and got into the vehicles and off we went.

When we arrived at the hotel we were all in awe at this place. It was an actual building with its cheap flooring and crappy bathrooms. It was the greatest thing we had seen in months. That was until we saw the girl working the front desk. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was an actual white girl in the flesh!!!! If you could just image this poor girl, all she sees is 80 American elders walk through the front door and just staring dumbfounded. From there we all got checked in and went to our rooms.   I was in a group of missionaries that I had never met. There were 5 of us and there was one bed. I volunteered to sleep in the chair. We soon discovered that the hotel had hot showers. If anything could brighten the mood in that hotel it was hot showers though they didn’t have much for water pressure and the water was brown. It didn’t matter, it was hot and not out of a bucket.               
This is where the story will end for this week. I will continue next week.

Your African missionary
Elder Gebauer

Pictures of Randall in Atlanta Georia shortly after arriving.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Part 1

Well the last three weeks have been interesting to say the least.  For all who don't know, I am now serving in the Atlanta Georgia Mission where I will be staying for the rest of my 2 years.
Here is my account on how this all happened. - Part 1
You will have to forgive me, I don't remember dates. 

This all started one day, I think it was on Thursday 7/31. Elder Maranca and I had just gone into town to get some things the district needed.  We were about half way up our mountain when we got a call from the zone leaders (Elder Losee, my trainer, and Elder Woodhead). I picked up the phone and Elder Losee told me to get back to the apartment and to call everyone in the district and have them all in the apartment in the next 20 min.  They didn't tell us anything other than that. So we all got back to the apartment.  We knew it had something to do with Ebola but we didn't know just how serious things had gotten.
So the first thing we did was clean the apartment.  We didn't know how long we would be in there and I did not want to live in filth 24/7.  So everything was clean then we realized we had no food, mainly because we had just finished cleaning and were hungry.  Due to the terms of the quarantine, we where not permitted to go outside the compound or to have anyone come in so we call some of our friends on the outside and slid a bunch of money and a shopping list under the door and off they went to get us food.  When they were shopping we went outside to the front of the compound and being boys had an aggressive soccer game.  Then we kicked the ball over the fence and that was the end of that.  Not too long after, our shopping heroes returned with a mountain of food.  We told them that they can keep half for their efforts.  Man, you should of seen the looks on their faces.
We then spent 4 days with 6 elders in the apartment together 24/7.  At one point we ran out of water so we all had a huge bon fire and did a rain dance and low and behold it rained and we collected all the water we could.  At this point we still didn't know how long we would be there.  On the 4th day of the quarantine in the morning we received a call from the mission president, and he repeated the three words that struck us all speechless "THE MISSION IS CLOSED."  He then expressed his feeling on the matter, which were grievous to say the least and gave us all our reassignments. Elder Hamilton and I were assigned to the Ghana Accra West Mission and would be leaving the next day to the mission home.  He told us that we could not tell anyone we were leaving and not to say goodbye. That night I didn't sleep well.  Those words just repeated in my head all night, THE MISSION IS CLOSED. The next day we all packed and got in a transport to the mission home.
This is where the story will end for this week.  I will continue next week.
As for Atlanta:
I am enjoying my time in a first world country. I will admit it has been a shock coming all the way back to the US.  It doesn't even feel like I'm that far from my family just in comparison to where I was.

But that's my update for this week. I will continue and expand on everything next week.
Elder Gebauer

Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Pictures From Africa

I have over 500 pictures on the SD card, these are just someI wanted to share as soon as I could:)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Morning from the United States

In the library emailing. It’s quiet and boring in here and it smells clean, I don't like it. I miss that feeling that your computer could shut down at any second :)

No bicycles, driving a brand new Toyota corolla. I haven't seen a road in 5 months :)


I got on my missionary portal and they already changed my flag. I want them to change it back :(

I lost 20lb in Africa I’m a stick:( I’m like 140lb now. But I get to go back to the gym now so I’ll see what I can do. It all shows in my face :)

Yeah West Africa did a number on me, but it was still the best time of my life :)

I love you guys. Expect my letter this week.
Your African missionary,

Elder Gebauer

Atlanta, Georgia

Yes, Randall is back having been reassigned to Atlanta Georgia. He called early Thursday morning to tell us where he was at and that he is OK. He’ll be sending a letter detailing what he went through and an SD card with pictures. For a good account of what the missionaries went through here are a few links while we wait for Randall’s.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Missionaries Serving in Two African Nations are Reassigned


Due to the outbreak of illness related to the Ebola virus, as a precautionary measure, all missionaries serving in the African nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia are in the process of being transferred out of these countries and reassigned to other missions. Ensuring the health and safety of our missionaries is our top priority. In recent weeks measures have been taken to reduce risk to missionaries, including asking them to remain in their apartments. To date, there are no reports of illness among the missionaries. Families are being notified as the missionaries arrive in their new assignments. This is a very challenging situation for the missionaries, members and citizens of these countries, and like other organizations, we are taking every practical step to reduce risk.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family Dinners

Mom:  My family dinners are dwindling.  Usually just 1 or 2 kids here at a time unless I invite over the neighbors :)


Elder Gebauer:  I want a family dinner:( .  I went and played soccer again this morning.


Mom:  Tell me how your week went.  Who do you teach mission prep to and where?


Elder Gebauer:  It went great for the most part, rains every day and I love it. We had something like 38 lessons this last week. I had a zone conference yesterday that took 4 hours. I got all your letters yesterday.  I liked Kami’s notes:) I also liked your stripling warrior picture.  I put it on the back of my missionary handbook so it comes with me everywhere I go.  The no hand shaking rule is back on in the mission.  We don't shake hands with members, investigators or missionaries.


Mom:  Any restrictions on the foods you eat?  Can you eat with families or just on your own.  Any water problems during the rainy season?


Elder Gebauer:   No problems with water except there is too much of it :) and yes we still can eat with families.  I’ll send some pictures next week .  

Zone Conference 7/29/2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yes, I Do Work

Well this week has been interesting.

First off I'm doing great, still alive despite Africas best efforts:) You have probably all heard about the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, yes it is relatively severe in Sierra Leone. The government and the mission are placing all the necessary precautions in place to keep us safe and stop this thing as soon as possible. The government has put in place health check points on the roads, especially from Kenema and Bo. All missionaries have been pulled out of Kenema and the mission is keeping very close tabs on the spread of Ebola. As for me I'm not taking any risks!

The work is going well and I am enjoying my time here in Allentown, but I think it may be coming to an end. I think in two weeks I will be moved to another place. This week I helped fix a road with rocks and a pick axe. That was interesting, all the locals didn't know a white man could work, they say "don't you have a machine for that?". The rest of this week was good, we knuckled down and got sum work done, 30 lessons in this week. Oh yeah, and I am now teaching mission prep two days a week. 

I received a package from my parents this week on Monday. It had food and clippers for me to cut my hair, which I did myself because I don't trust anyone with my hair. I got to say it didn't turn out too bad. I successfully made 5 pounds of pancakes yesterday and I know how to make maple syrup, man it was so good. One of my favorite things from the package was the Cinnamon, man i had sooooo much Cinnamon toast this week it was great, a little taste of home.

Elder hamllton received a package the day after me, it was full of American candies so we enjoyed that. Other than that I had a soccer game with a bunch of locals this morning, got my rear kicked. I saw a real baboon today, brown with the blue face and everything. But I'm doing great and am enoying every moment.

Your African Missionary 
Elder Gebauer           

Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Morning Fambo

How is the morning? I just got to watch Tarzan for supper p day this morning. 

"Knowing no sorrow you could know no happiness." Somewhere in the scriptures I think. :) 

How was scout camp? 

Man that sounds like fun!!! A hike would be too easy for me now I walk like 5 miles a day up and down a mountain I no longer have chicken legs. :)

Man I never thought I would miss those two dweebs soooooooo much but man I do!!! Wish I could go back and be so much better of a big brother to them! Good for Graham, glad to see he is still doing good. :) 

Man that's so good to hear for Graham!!!

I’m still healthy we are taking precautions but we can’t be careful enough. I think it will get worse, a lot worse. I’m guessing that I may not be here for my full two years with the way things are looking. Can you give me a world news update I hear there is some crazy stuff going on.

Well the world is falling apart.

Looks like my time is up for the day love you soooooo much, talk to you next week.

Hope I can receive my package from the mission home soon!

Miss you all,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictures of a Grasshopper???

Well Kenema got shut down and they are moving all the elders out, Ebola may be in Ghana, and if it doesn’t get better who knows where they will send us. Yeah it’s in Freetown but not as bad as Kenema. :/

I made peanut butter cookies and they were fantastic bing-bing!!! Just hanging around the apartment today.  Yeah that's about it for Mondays. Oh, and play chess, I made a board and carved all the paces. Ha, Ha yeah I had some free time

Mom has the pictures. 

Well time is up for today till next week.

Love you all so much,

 With Elder Losee.
Baptism with Elder Losee.
Cool grasshopper.