Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Read My Tag

Well this week was interesting!!! 

We started off with 3 days of biking around which wasn't too bad. Then on Thursday we had zone conference with a member of the 70. It was 4 zones all together at the JB building. It was great, I got to see lots of my old companions such as elders Levet and Hollingsworth who are now companions. It was just so great to see everyone again. The conference lasted about 8 hours!!!!!! Then we had a two hour break where all the missionaries where instructed to go out into the area and just do some finding!!!!! Just think of 150 elders and sisters all being unleashed at once in one area. It was so cool and we have so many people to teach now!!!

This story happened as Elder Lindquist and I where out finding. We where walking down the street when these people ask us from there porch if we are Jehovah's Witnesses, we reply "no we are the Mormons". This lady's face go's stone cold, she then yells out "No no no y'all don't believe in anything. Jesus saved me, y'all don't believe in Jesus" at this point im just confused..... We reply with a question to prompt her thought "do you know what the real name of the church is".? She replies with her previous statement. So this lady is not hearing anything that we are saying she is far too caught up in her Jesus saved me rage. Mind you that this whole thing is taking place with her on her porch and us on the street so she is just yelling.

Long story short she is not willing to hear anything that we are saying. I asked her to come read my tag and see if we believe in Jesus, half to prove that we do and half to get her close so that we can top yelling across the street. She just walks inside and we go on are way...... Just another day on the mission.
So I guess over all it has been a good week M***** will be baptized when he comes back from school in a week, though I probably will not be here. We picked up a few really cool investigators this week so looking forward to that.

I'm doing great and staying alive and happy!!!

Love you all soo much,

picture: dinner at the simians family:)