Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Soggy Days

Dang 5 months.......... This is going stupid fast!!!!!!


Well, as for good stories I don't have any that particularly stand out. Just normal tracking situations, such as people pretending not to see me even when they can definitely see me through a 7 feet tall glass door or people answering the door in nothing but a towel?


We did however find one great family though, They invited us in and we got to explained the whole first lesson. The weird part is that even the kids where interested, I’m talking like really interested!!!! We had to cut off their questions so we could get to our next appointment!!!!


We have been biking a lot, which is potentially problematic, seeing as it has been raining for 3 days straight!!! We got completely soaked and covered with mud the other day. How I would describe it would be, we looked like we had just finished a downhill mountain biking course then jumped in a pool then showered in dirt. Funny part is the look on Roberts face when we showed up at his front door:) lol


But I’m doing good!!!! Got my bike fixed up so now I’m on my way. Still staying healthy and having the time of my life :) its hard but it’s fun if you are doing it right:) 


Love You:)