Monday, June 30, 2014


Well this week has been interesting to say the least....... 

My new companion and I aren’t exactly the best of friends but I think I can "towa" (to endure). Elder Hamilton and I are enjoying each other’s company.   He is just as, if not more, of a nerd than me and he is the only other American in the apartment, so yeah, that's that.  My sum of the African elders seem to think that Americans don't know how to do anything.  Boy are they surprised, but that's enough about that.

This week was my first week off training and man is it nice, so much more time in the day!   We are teaching a bunch of families to try to fill in the extra time.


Hardships:  The hardest part of my mission so far would have to be getting along with companions who I have to spend 24/7 with!!!!  Let me rephrase that. Get to spend 24/7 with:)


Miracles:  Hmm does my still being alive and sane count?  Ha ha, no, probably just the fact that I have not gotten sick yet "knock on wood."    


Investigators:  Oh man too many to tell everyone about.  I know we shouldn't pick favorites but this guy is my favorite. Emanuel Phofana.  We started teaching him when I first got to Allentown.   He was so stubborn, but he turned around and is doing great.   He will be baptized on the 26th of this month and its going to be a great day!!!


But yeah, that's my update for this week. I’m doing great, staying alive, not sick I think..... but I miss and love you all.


Your African missionary, 

Elder Gebauer     

Monday, June 23, 2014


We had to do transfers this morning:) Elder Losee went to Graftin (same zone) to be the new zone leader, took him from me this morning. I received Elder Magrangqa.  He is from South Africa and speaks the clicky language.  Guess I will pick up on some of it:) He is the senior companion but I’m senior area companion which trumps the other one.
There was no one at church this week, just like 30 people when I counted and none of our investigators. We just got the MLS installed yesterday and got the records from Ghana and there should be 75 baptized members.  The problem is retention!! It is just that there are about 75 churches in 2 square miles all competing for the people, good thing we have the truth:)
Ebola update. If  it doesn’t settle down in a week they will pull all the Kenema and Bo elders to Freetown and if it continues to spread they will pull all the elders.
If I could chose the next P-day it would be to go back to the beach and enjoy some sweet plasase (basically rice with leafe soup and fish).
We can eat mangoes but we soak them all in bleach, and bats are not the host animal, some other bush animal is, but I don’t eat them that much, I’m mango’d out.
Not wearing rain boots.  They just fill up with water so I’m wearing the sandals.  I had tire tread put on the bottom of them to make them last longer:)
No stomach troubles for me but can’t say the same for Elder Losee last week:)  He ate all my beench( baoild beans with fish and rice)
Just how is everyone doing, plans for the summer, events, stuff like that:) Can you check the status of the package for me, see if it cleared customs:) 
Hey, I second the decision to send Cadence to MN.  I think she would enjoy it.

How are things for dad without an occasional helping hand around?
If Cadence needs to know anything for her World Religions class I know just about all of it:)  We are right next to the tablick mosque ( Muslim mission training center for Sierra Leone)
Well its time for me to go. Till next week.  I love you all. Give everyone a hug for me

Miss you all!
Love you all!

I will stay safe.  Don’t’ worry about me:)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rain A Tin Roof

Well this last week hasn’t been exactly eventful at all.  I guess the highlight of the week was smashing a giant spider with my flip flop.  It took like 4 solid hits to kill this thing.  Another great moment of the week involves a rubber snake and a district member who doesn't like anything that moves at all!  I put the snake on his bed frame so that he would see it when he woke up in the morning.  Well needless to say he was the first one out of bed:)  I just about died laughing.   Don't worry, I gave him a piece of peppermint to make up for it.

It is raining a lot now in East End.  This morning I watched the rainstorm come in from the ocean and then hit us.  The cool thing is because of the tin roofs you can hear it before you can even see it. 

Ahhh, the Ebola breakout…. just when we thought it was over, it came back stronger than ever.  We are constantly warned about it and we are doing everything we can to stay as far from it as possible.  As you have probably read on the news, there are confirmed cases all over Sierra Leone.  There are still no cases in eastern Freetown where I am but that does not mean we aren't taking precautions.  Only time can tell what is going to happen.  The people here don't take it very seriously at all.   It’s kind of a joke like the swine flu thing. that's what it is like to them.

This week is the last week of transfer number 2 then I’m on to transfer 3 so only 14 more. Ha, ha I don't like to think about that though.  We will get transfer news on Saturday.  I will most likely be staying in Allentown but I think Elder Losse will be leaving, but we will have to see on Saturday.

As for me, I’m staying healthy, getting some great calves from hiking up a mountain all day but that's whats going on with me.


Till next week,

Your African Missionary

Elder Gebauer             

Monday, June 2, 2014

Grilling & Chilling

Well, it looks like another week in Allentown has come and gone and I have barely even noticed it.  The mission is going great.  It’s hard to believe that I have been out for about three months already.   When I look back on it, it doesn’t even feel that long at all, but that is 1/8 down, just get to do it 7 more times:) 

Looks like there is another break out of Ebola.  Fun stuff.   If it hits any of the major cities we will sit in the complex until it passes, but other than that nothing really new.  

I killed every spider in the house by lighting them on fire.  I had too much fun.  

We are all starting to speculate who is going where at the end of the transfer.  I know I will be staying, might get a companion, might train.  We will have to see. Wish I had more to say but Allentown is rather uneventful.  

I made a grill in the compound last week so I could have grilled stuffs, just nice not to fry everything!!!!

I’m doing great, enjoying myself.  My English is more Krio than anything else now, but I’m staying healthy and eating well.  But other than that, not much is going on.  The work is going good.  Me and my companion are still enjoying each other I think:), but yeah ‘til next week.

Your African missionary,

Elder Gebauer