Monday, June 2, 2014

Grilling & Chilling

Well, it looks like another week in Allentown has come and gone and I have barely even noticed it.  The mission is going great.  It’s hard to believe that I have been out for about three months already.   When I look back on it, it doesn’t even feel that long at all, but that is 1/8 down, just get to do it 7 more times:) 

Looks like there is another break out of Ebola.  Fun stuff.   If it hits any of the major cities we will sit in the complex until it passes, but other than that nothing really new.  

I killed every spider in the house by lighting them on fire.  I had too much fun.  

We are all starting to speculate who is going where at the end of the transfer.  I know I will be staying, might get a companion, might train.  We will have to see. Wish I had more to say but Allentown is rather uneventful.  

I made a grill in the compound last week so I could have grilled stuffs, just nice not to fry everything!!!!

I’m doing great, enjoying myself.  My English is more Krio than anything else now, but I’m staying healthy and eating well.  But other than that, not much is going on.  The work is going good.  Me and my companion are still enjoying each other I think:), but yeah ‘til next week.

Your African missionary,

Elder Gebauer               

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