Monday, May 26, 2014

Same Old

Well it sounds like you guys are having fun back in Gilbert.  I am having just as much fun in Sa'lone.  The time is flying.  Can you believe I have already been out for over two months.  

My companion thanks you for having taught me how to cook and for the package full of food:).  Tonight I am going to make pesto garlic pasta with grilled chicken.  Sounds good for me tonight. Now all I need is some parmesan mmmmm.  

Everything is starting to cool off here and I don't feel too hot when I sleep.  It is funny you guys are going into summer and I'm going into the closest thing they get to winter here.

  How is everyone doing back home?  I want to know how the boys'  school projects go.  How is everyone doing with school winding down?  Keep me updated when the kids start swimming.  I want times and everything!  

I'm not going to write a big long e mail this week because not much has happened this week.   It's kinda same old.  I broke down a brick wall with a thor hammer, that was fun, and then I made and installed gutters on the apartment to collect rain.  No crazy animals this week, just same old. 

 I'm doing great, staying healthy and staying Clean!!!!  Love you all so much and miss you.  Looking forward to the next time I get to call! 

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