Monday, May 19, 2014

Snake In The Tree

Well the rainy session is here.  The roads are turning into rivers and I am almost constantly wet. The mission gave us rain boots but they get in the way more than they actually help, so I just use my sandals ( half backs).  

We found a big snake in the compound and I beat it with a stick then we put it in our mango tree so people don't use the tree to climb the wall and steal our stuff.  

I had two baptisms this last Saturday.  We had to bucket brigade rain water into the font so we could do the baptism.  The two girls that where baptized did not like the water at all.  They gave new meaning to "and he came strait up out of the water."  They practically jumped out of the font.  I thought it was funny.  

Last night I found a cricket the size of my hand.  I could only imagine the noise it would make. 

I went and got all my shirts tailored this week so they fit nice and tight now and not baggy.  I think they look good.  I’m still working out.  I’m in better shape than when I left thanks to my all natural diet and hiking up and down a mountain all day.  

Transfers are over. We are all set in the apartment.  There are six of us now and the Americans are companions, the guys from the two other countries are together.  I think this is going to be a good transfer but we will see.


Your African missionary,

Elder Gebauer                      


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