Monday, May 5, 2014

Big Bugs

Another wonderful week in West Africa has come and gone, I have survived my first transfer only 16 more. :)
The work in Allan town is going great, the branch is growing. Last Saturday we had the baptism for M* who is a polio victim and has no use of her legs, the ordinance was interesting. I got to set her apart the fallowing Sunday (yesterday).
This week was kind of same old same old, we got a full tank of water so that’s some good news.
The other night I woke up with a cockroach on my face and this thing was BIG it was one of the hissing ones I flipped out!!!! Had a hard time sleeping after that. The next morning I found a spider the size of my hand on my desk no joke, the size of my hand it took half a can of insect killer to get rid of it and a sandal. The ants at our apartment are the size of your finger nail, and apparently there is a bee here that if you get stung it feels like your being!
I’m loving the food it’s mostly rice and everyone wants to feed us! I am learning more every day. This week I got to take over as senior companion so I did everything, it was kinda fun.
Today is super p day and we are all going to the beach to play and eat, it’s going to be fun because I get to see all my MTC buddies. I’m realizing now that no one in America will be able to understand me when I get home.
Next Sunday we get to call home for Mother’s Day it’s going to be great to talk to you guys. Still loving everything about what I’m doing it’s definitely an experience of a life time!!!! I’m staying healthy and well fed. :)
Your African Missionar,
Elder Gebauer

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