Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cooling Down

Well things are starting to cool down in Sierra Leone. It rains every night now which is nice.  

This week I had a heavy dose of African fun such as me and Elder Losse had to go and sort out a juju woman who locked onto one of our member’s success. That was interesting to say the least. 

Then I had a bunch of new food this week, like cassava leaf and potato leaf (not related to actual potato much to my disappointment).  The food is good and the members always feed the missionaries. I’m still healthy, knock on wood!!!

This weekend was their Independence Day and man did they party.  They moved our P-day because they didn't want us to be around the festivities and the devils (people who let demonic spirits enter their body).  Just looks like drums and dancing around a fire.    

I have a baptism this Saturday for Musu, and yes, we have a font in the church building, more like outside.  It’s basically a cement tub.

I get transfer news next week.  I should be staying in Allentown for at least the next two transfers.

This week we ran out of water completely. Like the tank was dry so my showers were half a bottle of water (a small bottle).  Man, we smelled great this week. We ended up paying to have water shipped in to fill our tank, but for about a week we had fun! 

I don't know if I ever told you guys this but one of the missionary's in the MTC with me "Elder Kunz" got reassigned to the Phoenix AZ Mission so find him if you can.  He is the last person in AZ to have seen me. 

Tomorrow we have a health meeting in Coastal Town and then we have a baptism this Saturday. Well I got to go before the internet breaks again.......

Your African Missionary
Elder Gebauer        

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