Monday, April 7, 2014

Allentown in East Freetown

The trip from Ghana took like 3 hours.  I've been in Leone for like 5 days now. I'm doing great, settling in. I live in Allentown in East Freetown on a mountain and wow literally tin shacks. My companion Elder Losee is from Salt Lake so it's easier to communicate.  I'm starting to pick up Krio but honestly it's like dumbing down English (good thing I'm good at that).  I got all your letters, the ones from the day I left.  

Don' worry about the Ebola, The mission has protection set up. It's not in Freetown yet so I'm fine. We aren't allowed to shake hands and we have to cook all our own food. 

This Saturday we had a baptism of 4 people and we have too many investigators to visit. The people here are so welcoming to strangers. The kids, they will come up and hug me even though they don’t know me or my companion.  Everyone just wants to talk with us.  There was like 51 people at church on Sunday, kind of small. Then there is one church here that they literally march down the street dancing, singing and playing drums and that’s church.  The rest are just weird!!!!

My companion and I sleep outside and it's a great view from the flat.  It is amazing.  It looks out over a big river. I sleep on a patio with but I’m inside a compound so it is all good.  It’s got a wall all the way around it with barbed wire, not like anyone would try anything, they are too scared of white man when he’s angry.  Ha, ha, ha, yeah we have nets but I haven’t even got bit once yet.  Now the dogs, holy crap! Every morning at 2am they bark and howl for an hour and they don’t stop. 

Link to pictures of apartment taken a few years ago,

All the roads look like a hiking trail with all the rocks that are on them.  I can get ice cream here so I just might make it 2 years.  The church will provide rain boots so don’t worry about that.  Ask my companion’s mom about how to send packages.  They do some stuff that gets them here.  I’m emailing from a little shop in the middle of a town called Shell.  Today’s my P-day so I think that I’ll sleep so I’m not tired. 

Yesterday was fast Sunday.  That wasn’t hard.  There is plenty to eat.  I eat eggs, rice, "hot dogs," pasta and I would kill for a Big Mac!!!!   Ha, ha, running water, yeah right.  Yesterday when we were supposed to get water the people cut our pipe that runs to the tank so we had to run up the mountain and we still didn’t get much water but we got enough for the week.  They gave us a water bottle with a filter in it.  It will make water like 99% clean so I drink out of that but I have a shower that doesn’t work so we use a bucket.  I got to wash my clothes by hand today, that was fun.  The last five days have been fun but there are many more to come.  We get power every other night but we have a generator if we need it, but I would like you guys to send me a bunch of drink mixes if you can

There are some things that I would like sent in my next package! One thing that I want is for you to take $150 out of my account and get me a G-Shock watch.  The one I have is not going to make it a month. Just a flat black one if you can, that would make things a bit better. 

I would like a 16 gig flash drive with:

  • Wayward Son
  • The Frozen soundtrack
  • Country from Cadence
  • Adel
  • Lion King
  • The African artist, Cadence will know the one
  • Lord of the Rings soundtrack
  • Zelda soundtrack,  I think I gave Gannon the CD
  • Anything else I might enjoy

The music rules here are really lax so yeah!

Also the powdered cheese for macaroni please, but whatever you can find would be great, possibly an extra SD card,  I’m burning through mine. Then when you send the SD card put some pics of you guys on it so I can have them on my camera. 

In 8 months my companion will be going home so I’ll send the SD card with him and I think he wants to drop it off in person.  You can tell Cadence that my companion understands my Lord of the Rings comments and he’s just as weird as me.

I’m still healthy, we have a weight set in the complex but it looks like it should be in a prison, like a bad one with sticks or scraps of metal with cement blocks. Well I got to go.  The internet in this place sucks and it keeps dropping so I’ll talk to you guys next week.  If you have any questions contact my companion’s mom.

I love you guys so much and miss you
Ok bye love you all!!!!!
I’ll stay safe

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