Monday, April 21, 2014

One Month Out

Well I have been out on my mission for one month now so only 23 more, yeah that seems like a short time! But really the way I look at it I only have 23 months more that I GET to be in Africa.

This last week has been fun but it doesn’t even seem like it’s been a week, the time really flies. Me and my companion Elder Losee sleep outside still because the nights are getting cooler. But this proves to be a problem because it likes to rain this time of year so this week I had to sleep with my raincoat on and honestly it was a great night sleep......NOT. The work here is great everyone wants to talk with the white guys and everyone is nice.

We had more water problems this week with people cutting our pipes. This will be the second week in a row that we haven't gotten water in our tank and its starting to get low. It’s hard not to get angry at the people especially when you fix the pipe and they just go down like four feet and cut it again with you just standing there. So we gave up and went back to study and we decided that we would have water shipped in for us.

I went on my first exchange this week with another elder in my apartment who has only been out for like 3 months and he is shy with people so basically had to be the senior companion which to be honest I was completely fine with. I have already learned Krio so I was able to communicate well. You guys will think I talk all weird but that's ok. We have three baptisms next week and one will be a full convert from me. Me and my companion get along great I will be taking over next week and doing everything so basically I’ll be senior companion.

But for me I’m doing great, still haven't gotten sick (knock on wood!!!). The food here is great, I LOVE kana which is ground nuts rice flour and sugar. It comes in a little triangle, man they are like the inside of a peanut butter cup. Last night I made garlic bread because I found garlic in the market and oh man it was good! To drink I buy pop drink which is basically like really good cool aid. I miss driving the most out of the things I used to do, I like being in control of the vehicle!

We went into town and we bought two of them big blue barrels and then we realized we had to get them home so we tossed them on the back of a flatbed truck like a big truck!!! Then we had to run to hop on the back it’s what's called a free ride. But, yeah that's my week in a nut shell. I would send picks but if I put this card in the computer it will get viruses big time if not wipe out the memory. Stay classy.....

The African Missionary,

Elder Gebauer   

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