Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Speaking Krio Again

There is a less active family that we have spent the last 3 weeks just trying to get a hold of.  The contact name is A**** J****. Well that name caught my attention because it is a popular name in Sierra Leone. 3 days ago we finally tracked him down to his home, so we went to to his door and his Mom told us to come in.... As soon as I stepped in the house I knew they were from Africa. There is just a smell, not a bad smell, but a smell:) So we start talking to A**** and I finally asked the question of his dad "Where are you from?" He answered with the exact words I was hoping to hear "Sierra Leone". I then replied to him and started speaking in Krio.  Man was he surprised:) We talked some more and I found out that they lived in Kissy, that is 5 min from Allentown where I was serving!! It was just a great time with them and I know I was sent to North Point YSA to find them:)