Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Wonderful Week

Another wonderful week has come and passed in what I may say is the best ward in the mission!!!

We had our two investigators attend sacrament, but one of the coolest things happened after sacrament meeting. Two investigators, gave us a call and asked if we would be willing to come over and give them a priesthood blessing.  They have been attending the Wednesday bible study classes and had heard about the priesthood and its power to heal trough faith.  We had the opportunity to bring one of the members of the congregation with us to administer the blessing.  The spirit was so strong, and I don't know if I have ever seen them so happy.  We will be seeing them again soon.

This week has also been extremely successful in finding new people to teach.  A cool experience we had while knocking doors as it was just about to rain so we where trying to finish up.  On our way back we see a woman trying to move some tables and things into a moving van, so we offer to help....... You would have thought that she had just won the lottery with the look on her face!!!   We help her move and then her natural curiosity comes through and she asks the question we knew was coming, "who are you and why are you so kind??"  We reply that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She then breaks down.  She tells us as a story of how two young men just like us had helped her years ago get over some addictions she was having.  She never knew their names or who they were till that day that we came to help!!! She had been prepared at that time for us to be there and for us to bring the gospel into her life.She is now intently reading the Book of Mormon and she holds it dear to her heart!!! 


Elder Gebauer

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Transfer to Jonesboro

I’m now serving in Jonesboro, just by Peach Tree  City and Atlanta.  My new companion is Elder Crowther.  He is great and will be finishing his mission in a month. 

I am in a car share so we have a car every other day, and we have bikes every other day.

I am in a 4 man apartment with Elder Levet and Elder Johns. I love it and am working my butt off.  Over the last 4 days we have found 20 new investigators and taught like 20 lessons!!!! We are killing it!!      


We were knocking doors this week, and we had been knocking for about 20 min when a woman and her daughter opened the door.  We felt impressed to say this, "We come as representatives of Jesus Christ.  He has heard your prayers and has sent us to you.  What can we do for you?" She just broke down. She told us that not even 10 minutes before that she had been praying for help.  We were able to say a prayer and bless her and her daughter. We have an appointment with her on Wednesday.


God hears payers!!!!!