Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Transfer to Jonesboro

I’m now serving in Jonesboro, just by Peach Tree  City and Atlanta.  My new companion is Elder Crowther.  He is great and will be finishing his mission in a month. 

I am in a car share so we have a car every other day, and we have bikes every other day.

I am in a 4 man apartment with Elder Levet and Elder Johns. I love it and am working my butt off.  Over the last 4 days we have found 20 new investigators and taught like 20 lessons!!!! We are killing it!!      


We were knocking doors this week, and we had been knocking for about 20 min when a woman and her daughter opened the door.  We felt impressed to say this, "We come as representatives of Jesus Christ.  He has heard your prayers and has sent us to you.  What can we do for you?" She just broke down. She told us that not even 10 minutes before that she had been praying for help.  We were able to say a prayer and bless her and her daughter. We have an appointment with her on Wednesday.


God hears payers!!!!!      

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