Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family Dinners

Mom:  My family dinners are dwindling.  Usually just 1 or 2 kids here at a time unless I invite over the neighbors :)


Elder Gebauer:  I want a family dinner:( .  I went and played soccer again this morning.


Mom:  Tell me how your week went.  Who do you teach mission prep to and where?


Elder Gebauer:  It went great for the most part, rains every day and I love it. We had something like 38 lessons this last week. I had a zone conference yesterday that took 4 hours. I got all your letters yesterday.  I liked Kami’s notes:) I also liked your stripling warrior picture.  I put it on the back of my missionary handbook so it comes with me everywhere I go.  The no hand shaking rule is back on in the mission.  We don't shake hands with members, investigators or missionaries.


Mom:  Any restrictions on the foods you eat?  Can you eat with families or just on your own.  Any water problems during the rainy season?


Elder Gebauer:   No problems with water except there is too much of it :) and yes we still can eat with families.  I’ll send some pictures next week .  

Zone Conference 7/29/2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yes, I Do Work

Well this week has been interesting.

First off I'm doing great, still alive despite Africas best efforts:) You have probably all heard about the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, yes it is relatively severe in Sierra Leone. The government and the mission are placing all the necessary precautions in place to keep us safe and stop this thing as soon as possible. The government has put in place health check points on the roads, especially from Kenema and Bo. All missionaries have been pulled out of Kenema and the mission is keeping very close tabs on the spread of Ebola. As for me I'm not taking any risks!

The work is going well and I am enjoying my time here in Allentown, but I think it may be coming to an end. I think in two weeks I will be moved to another place. This week I helped fix a road with rocks and a pick axe. That was interesting, all the locals didn't know a white man could work, they say "don't you have a machine for that?". The rest of this week was good, we knuckled down and got sum work done, 30 lessons in this week. Oh yeah, and I am now teaching mission prep two days a week. 

I received a package from my parents this week on Monday. It had food and clippers for me to cut my hair, which I did myself because I don't trust anyone with my hair. I got to say it didn't turn out too bad. I successfully made 5 pounds of pancakes yesterday and I know how to make maple syrup, man it was so good. One of my favorite things from the package was the Cinnamon, man i had sooooo much Cinnamon toast this week it was great, a little taste of home.

Elder hamllton received a package the day after me, it was full of American candies so we enjoyed that. Other than that I had a soccer game with a bunch of locals this morning, got my rear kicked. I saw a real baboon today, brown with the blue face and everything. But I'm doing great and am enoying every moment.

Your African Missionary 
Elder Gebauer           

Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Morning Fambo

How is the morning? I just got to watch Tarzan for supper p day this morning. 

"Knowing no sorrow you could know no happiness." Somewhere in the scriptures I think. :) 

How was scout camp? 

Man that sounds like fun!!! A hike would be too easy for me now I walk like 5 miles a day up and down a mountain I no longer have chicken legs. :)

Man I never thought I would miss those two dweebs soooooooo much but man I do!!! Wish I could go back and be so much better of a big brother to them! Good for Graham, glad to see he is still doing good. :) 

Man that's so good to hear for Graham!!!

I’m still healthy we are taking precautions but we can’t be careful enough. I think it will get worse, a lot worse. I’m guessing that I may not be here for my full two years with the way things are looking. Can you give me a world news update I hear there is some crazy stuff going on.

Well the world is falling apart.

Looks like my time is up for the day love you soooooo much, talk to you next week.

Hope I can receive my package from the mission home soon!

Miss you all,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictures of a Grasshopper???

Well Kenema got shut down and they are moving all the elders out, Ebola may be in Ghana, and if it doesn’t get better who knows where they will send us. Yeah it’s in Freetown but not as bad as Kenema. :/

I made peanut butter cookies and they were fantastic bing-bing!!! Just hanging around the apartment today.  Yeah that's about it for Mondays. Oh, and play chess, I made a board and carved all the paces. Ha, Ha yeah I had some free time

Mom has the pictures. 

Well time is up for today till next week.

Love you all so much,

 With Elder Losee.
Baptism with Elder Losee.
Cool grasshopper.