Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Morning Fambo

How is the morning? I just got to watch Tarzan for supper p day this morning. 

"Knowing no sorrow you could know no happiness." Somewhere in the scriptures I think. :) 

How was scout camp? 

Man that sounds like fun!!! A hike would be too easy for me now I walk like 5 miles a day up and down a mountain I no longer have chicken legs. :)

Man I never thought I would miss those two dweebs soooooooo much but man I do!!! Wish I could go back and be so much better of a big brother to them! Good for Graham, glad to see he is still doing good. :) 

Man that's so good to hear for Graham!!!

I’m still healthy we are taking precautions but we can’t be careful enough. I think it will get worse, a lot worse. I’m guessing that I may not be here for my full two years with the way things are looking. Can you give me a world news update I hear there is some crazy stuff going on.

Well the world is falling apart.

Looks like my time is up for the day love you soooooo much, talk to you next week.

Hope I can receive my package from the mission home soon!

Miss you all,

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