Monday, June 30, 2014


Well this week has been interesting to say the least....... 

My new companion and I aren’t exactly the best of friends but I think I can "towa" (to endure). Elder Hamilton and I are enjoying each other’s company.   He is just as, if not more, of a nerd than me and he is the only other American in the apartment, so yeah, that's that.  My sum of the African elders seem to think that Americans don't know how to do anything.  Boy are they surprised, but that's enough about that.

This week was my first week off training and man is it nice, so much more time in the day!   We are teaching a bunch of families to try to fill in the extra time.


Hardships:  The hardest part of my mission so far would have to be getting along with companions who I have to spend 24/7 with!!!!  Let me rephrase that. Get to spend 24/7 with:)


Miracles:  Hmm does my still being alive and sane count?  Ha ha, no, probably just the fact that I have not gotten sick yet "knock on wood."    


Investigators:  Oh man too many to tell everyone about.  I know we shouldn't pick favorites but this guy is my favorite. Emanuel Phofana.  We started teaching him when I first got to Allentown.   He was so stubborn, but he turned around and is doing great.   He will be baptized on the 26th of this month and its going to be a great day!!!


But yeah, that's my update for this week. I’m doing great, staying alive, not sick I think..... but I miss and love you all.


Your African missionary, 

Elder Gebauer     

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