Monday, June 23, 2014


We had to do transfers this morning:) Elder Losee went to Graftin (same zone) to be the new zone leader, took him from me this morning. I received Elder Magrangqa.  He is from South Africa and speaks the clicky language.  Guess I will pick up on some of it:) He is the senior companion but I’m senior area companion which trumps the other one.
There was no one at church this week, just like 30 people when I counted and none of our investigators. We just got the MLS installed yesterday and got the records from Ghana and there should be 75 baptized members.  The problem is retention!! It is just that there are about 75 churches in 2 square miles all competing for the people, good thing we have the truth:)
Ebola update. If  it doesn’t settle down in a week they will pull all the Kenema and Bo elders to Freetown and if it continues to spread they will pull all the elders.
If I could chose the next P-day it would be to go back to the beach and enjoy some sweet plasase (basically rice with leafe soup and fish).
We can eat mangoes but we soak them all in bleach, and bats are not the host animal, some other bush animal is, but I don’t eat them that much, I’m mango’d out.
Not wearing rain boots.  They just fill up with water so I’m wearing the sandals.  I had tire tread put on the bottom of them to make them last longer:)
No stomach troubles for me but can’t say the same for Elder Losee last week:)  He ate all my beench( baoild beans with fish and rice)
Just how is everyone doing, plans for the summer, events, stuff like that:) Can you check the status of the package for me, see if it cleared customs:) 
Hey, I second the decision to send Cadence to MN.  I think she would enjoy it.

How are things for dad without an occasional helping hand around?
If Cadence needs to know anything for her World Religions class I know just about all of it:)  We are right next to the tablick mosque ( Muslim mission training center for Sierra Leone)
Well its time for me to go. Till next week.  I love you all. Give everyone a hug for me

Miss you all!
Love you all!

I will stay safe.  Don’t’ worry about me:)

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