Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Long Awaited Updates

Oct 27 2014


Doing good.  I’m in Peach Tree City, an area I already covered in the YSA ward.

I’m training a new missionary named, Elder Owens and he's great and I have another companion named Elder Ericson.  He will be leaving in 3 weeks so I will have to take over soon.   


The entire area will be all up to me and my new missionary as well as district leader responsibilities for about two weeks. 


Hey I met someone who went to our church building in Minnesota.  She knows the Morley's and the Nightingale's.  


I forgot my camera today but I will have lots of pictures to send next week 


They had a trunk or treat but we had an appointment so we didn't get to go.


Appointments are great!


It’s cold in the morning! and everything is turning orange.  It’s so great to have Fall again. 


I’m in one ward and church was great.  It is nice to be in a family ward.  It feels more like home.


Tell Cadence she can’t carve a pumpkin without me. She will just have to have a blank pumpkin.


Ok well, I got to go.  I’ll send pictures next week. 


Can you tell dad I’m going to get protein powder, that's the only thing I will use my card on this week.  I’m putting my card away and not even carrying it with me.


Love you guys soooooooo much 

Have a fun and safe Halloween 

Can’t wait to see pictures!


1000 Stevens Entry Apt# N217

Peachtree City GA 30269 


Oct 20 2014

Doing good, played soccer and base ball this morning. I have had a cold for the last 2 days it put me out on Saturday.

Does our insurance cover a flue shot?

Oh, so you know the walking dead?
its filmed in my area. I went to the set the other day:)

I’m no longer going to be in YSA. They haven't told us where we are going but I will be in a companionship with 3 elders and I will be training a new missionary. Oh, and I’ll be on a bike.


This last week I went on a week long exchange with the zone leaders so I haven't been in YSA for the last week.  It was weird, I wish I was able to be in my ward for my last Sunday though. 


How is grandpa?   


I think that it’s going to be fun to introduce a new missionary to mission life. 


My lion bite is healing well:)


Ok, well I got to go 

I love you 

Till next week:)


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