Monday, January 26, 2015

One Night at the Station

We were on are way home from something and we were taking MARTA (bus/sub way). We are the only ones in the whole station and its about 8:00 at night. We did not have anything planed for that time because we were just going on the wings of the spirit.:) So in walks this girl and we could tell that she was a YSA. We decided that she was the reason that we were there at that time. We start off the conversation talking about the rain. Then we get into the message of the restoration and she sits back in her seat and tells us that when we told her that there was a prophet called on this earth again today she had felt something tell her that it was true. She then told us that we where creepy because we where answering every question she had been asking herself for weeks. We got her name number and set the next appointment and she accepted a baptismal date of the end of next month!!! Overall it was just a great experience!!!

Elder Gebauer

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