Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speaking Krio and Wookie's

My lion bite is healing well.  I can almost walk again!

Well the last few days have been an experience to say the least! I have been preparing to teach my first investigator tomorrow, yeah tomorrowwwwww! It turns out that I will be speaking something called ''Krio'' so yeah there is that apparently.  It’s something like a weird form of English but I will pick it up in the field I hope.  Me and all the American elders are having lots of fun telling the African elders about America’s North American wildlife, especially about the Wookie and Ewoks that lives in Endor forest up next to Canada : ) ha ha as well as telling them about all the weird things in American culture like you close your right eye when you shake hands and you always put on your left sock first.  Today we took the hour long drive to the temple in a small van by cramming 15 elders in it.  It was not such a great drive but the temple was cool.  It was small about the size of the one in MN.  So we got to see lots of Ghana (I’m definitely not in America no more), holy crap what a culture shock.  All the natives kept looking in the van like we were weird fish in a fishbowl.  There was a part of the trip when we drove by the slums and we all could not believe what we saw.  We were all in shock and then we came to a market, everyone selling stuff to the people driving by.  The whole street was packed!  I also saw a group of puppies, not dogs, puppies digging through the trash.  I thought I was going to die, I wanted one!!!!!!!!!  They are big bats here everywhere, the ones the size of a small dog, yeah them.  The food is good, still eating rice, but you remember all the things you told me not to eat in Africa?  Yeah, I think I have eaten about all of them ha ha, I’m still alive :) The elders for Africa are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I have one as a companion and two more in my room.  I have replaced Adam with Adam ha ha, yes I found a friend from England whose name is Adam! Well I think I’m going to finish off here.  Me and my friends are going to go open the party bag because we have a P-day today.  Ummmmm if there is anything I would like to have it would be an SD card reader one that is an USB thing too.  Next week we get sent out and I may not have a chance to hop on the email so if I don’t get back to you for two weeks that may be why. I will try my best to talk to you before then but if not.......

Love you guys so much!!!!!!

Miss you all.

Love your son, brother, friend,

 Elder Gebauer

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  1. I have the SD card reader, will ship in next package. Dad