Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love Ya

Well I only have a few moments in between classes. I have plenty of pictures and videos that I would like to send you but I can’t yet as SD card isn’t full and at this rate I will need all the space. I found all the Christmas pictures on the SD and I love looking at them at night!! All the silly faces that we are making plus thei is one with Greta in it! Well I’m still having fun nothing has really happened since yesterday’s email just a bunch of classes. They ship us out next week and I can’t wait! When I have the SD card reader I can send like one or two pictures with my emails. We got to clean the bathrooms today, I’ll admit not something I wanted to do in Africa. Can you guys start sending these e mails to Adam too or tell him to email me at I would really love to talk to him too and know what he is up too. Cadence will be happy to know that all my friends here get my lord or the ring jokes and understand and enjoy quoting hotrod just as much as me! Though it’s not the same as doing it with you. When the boys and Kami start swimming I want to know all about it! And mom just remember theirs only 4 more general conferences till I come home such a short time to do so much.

Well it’s sad to say but I have to go, the mission president just told me to forget yourself and go to work haha. I will let you know when I get stuff from you guys and I’ll try to talk to you before I head out but if not I love you all. Please tell anyone who contributed to my mission thank you especially Mat and Nam, and brother wolf, and Ben and Lin and you guys. I'll reply to your two emails then I got to go:)

I love you all so much!!!!

Love your missionary Elder Gebauer

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