Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No CPR Needed

It has been interesting.

One of the new elders in the apartment passed out on Wednesday morning.I checked his pulse and his breathing. There was no pulse and he was not breathing.  He was about seconds away from CPR.  He he started breathing after being out for about 45 seconds, he was only at about 50 bpm so we got him to the hospital and he spent the day there.  They did not come back with any conclusion on why.  He is now back home for more medical attention.


We had a great experience this week.

We were in an apartment complex and as we pulled in we saw in front of us a young man riding a motorcycle.  Well seeing that me and elder Hollingsworth both have a love for motorcycles, we decided to follow him and talk to him (creepy we know, but we just had to talk with him!!!).  Well as we are following him we lose him so decide to just knock around like was originally planned.  So about a minute later as we are knocking doors, guess who pulls up to his house.  Yup, the young man on the motorcycle.  We go and talk with him.  We ask him if he has a minute.   He replies with "yes.”  We all go and sit down at a table that is out in the woods and this place literally looks like the First Vision!!!! We get to know him and deliver the message of the restoration.  When we were reciting the First Vision, a ray of sun light broke through the trees and bathed the three of us in light.  After that it was a game over for him, he accepted a date to be baptized and will be coming to church.

Love you, 

Talk with y’all soon!!!

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